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Our ICBC Claims Experts

Former ICBC Adjusters Working For You

The MacIsaac Group has hired former ICBC adjusters to work with our injury lawyers on your behalf. Jim Steeves and Rob Guenter worked for many years with ICBC as accident claim adjusters. Now working for the MacIsaac Group, they bring particular expertise in ICBC and other auto-insurer claims. They are invaluable in assisting our injury clients in obtaining their no-fault entitlements (contribution to wage loss, payment for medical related expenses and the like). They are also invaluable in assisting our injury lawyers by dealing directly with the ICBC and other insurance adjusters. In many cases they know the adjusters who are on the other side acting for ICBC or other insurer.

As far as we are aware the MacIsaac Group are the only personal injury lawyers in British Columbia who have hired former ICBC adjusters to work with them to maximize settlements on injury claims – one more advantage to having the MacIsaac Group as your personal injury lawyers.